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  • Struggling Against Government Persecution

    Struggling Against Government Persecution

    71 Five Ministries is a Christian youth mentoring ministry in Oregon that serves at-risk youth. The ministry serves youth of all faiths and backgrounds, including expectant mothers and young people who are in jail.

  • Being A Place of Welcome

    Being A Place of Welcome

    My Grandmama passed away a couple of months ago — my last living grandparent. Grandaddy died about 18 months before that, and we had all been shocked at how long she lingered on without him. They seemed connected at the kidney or some other vital organ.

  • The Actor's Question for People in Pain

    The Actor's Question for People in Pain

    Love or power. Which will it be? This is the real question, however much Hamlet may protest. Love and power are the two fundamental motivations in any human interaction — at least according to my acting teacher, Deb. She trained with some big names in NYC back in the day, and I like the idea of these celebrities (before they were stars) asking this question in the utter blankness of a backbox theater: does my character want to get love right now, or acquire power? Or do I want to give love, or empower someone else?

  • Religiously Hybridized America

    Religiously Hybridized America

    Christian pollster George Barna has uncovered another shocking statistic. Previously, he found that only 4% of people in America hold a consistent biblical worldview. This statistic tells us a lot about the state of the church in America, but it also leaves a lot unsaid.

  • Promoting Adultery in America

    Promoting Adultery in America

    What Christians consider to be sexual immorality used to be the common definition for all of American society. It is not that people didn’t engage in sexually immoral behavior, but even those who participated did it knowing it was wrong.